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To mold, inspire, ​uplift, and empower ​future leaders by ​fostering a safe space ​for healthy dialogue, ​education, and ​community ​engagement.

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Our vision is a world ​where future leaders ​are equipped with the ​knowledge, empathy, ​and courage to lead ​positive change in ​their communities ​and beyond, guided ​by the principles of ​open dialogue and ​community unity.


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We exist to nurture ​the potential within ​each individual, ​cultivating a ​community of future ​leaders who embrace ​diversity, promote ​education, and ​engage in meaningful ​dialogue to create a ​better world for all.

SENIOR ​scholarships

Scholarship Award:

This scholarship will assist the recipient with paying for the ​following senior year expenses:

Senior fees, Prom tickets, Yearbook, Cap and gown

Applicants should intend to pursue a degree in one of the ​following disciplines:

Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Education

Alternatively, a commitment to joining the military is ​acceptable.

Application Process:

1. Personal Statement:

Submit a 500-word essay describing your background, your ​career aspirations, and how this scholarship will help you ​achieve your goals.

2. Academic Transcript:

Provide an official academic transcript to verify GPA.

3. Proof of Commitment:

If pursuing a degree in STEM or education, submit a letter of ​intent or proof of enrollment.

If committed to the military, provide official documentation ​of enlistment or acceptance into military Delayed Entry ​Program.

4. Recommendation Letters:

Submit two letters of recommendation from non-family ​members, such as teachers, mentors, or community leaders, ​who can attest to your character, achievements, and ​potential.

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Our scholarship program aims to uplift ​and support students from single-​parent homes by providing financial ​assistance and access to activities ​commonly associated with a student’s ​senior year. We recognize the unique ​challenges these students face and ​strive to empower them, enabling them ​to pursue their academic dreams and ​build a brighter future. Through this ​initiative, we aim to foster resilience, ​academic excellence, and personal ​growth among deserving individuals ​who demonstrate determination and ​potential despite their circumstances.


Mentoring young people is crucial as it ​provides them with guidance, support, ​and opportunities for personal and ​academic growth. Mentors can inspire ​confidence, offer valuable insights, and ​help navigate challenges, ultimately ​shaping a positive future for their ​mentees. At The UProject, we believe in ​the power of mentoring and are ​committed to making a difference in ​young lives.

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We are excited to announce that we will be ​accepting new mentee applications this fall. ​Stay tuned for more details on how you can ​get involved and make a lasting impact on a ​young person's life. Together, we can create a ​brighter tomorrow through mentoring.

Apparel sales play a crucial role in ​supporting mentoring programs and ​scholarships for youth by providing a ​sustainable source of funding. Every ​purchase contributes directly to ​initiatives that mentor and empower ​young individuals, offering them ​guidance, educational opportunities, ​and the chance to achieve their full ​potential. By choosing to buy these ​products, customers not only acquire ​quality apparel but also invest in the ​future of our youth, making a tangible ​difference in their lives and ​communities.