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Upcoming Sessions

Ophthalmology Review Part 1
Dr Haitham Al Mahrooqi

19:30 (GMT+4)
Dermatology Review
Dr. Al Mu'tasim Al Qassabi

19:00 (GMT+4)
Orthopedics Review
Dr Wafa Al Balooki

18:00 (GMT+4)
Ophthalmology Review Part 2
Dr Haitham Al Mahrooqi

19:30 (GMT+4)
Neurology Review
Dr Haifa Al Abri

18:00 (GMT+4)
Psychiatry Review Part 1
Dr Hassan Mirza

19:00 (GMT+4)
Psychiatry Review Part 2
Dr Amal Al Fahdi

19:00 (GMT+4)
Psychiatry Review Part 3
Dr Nasar Al Balushi

19:00 (GMT+4)
General Surgery Review Part 1
Dr Khalid Al Hamadani

18:00 (GMT+4)
General Surgery Review Part 2
Dr Ghaitha Al Mahrouqi

18:00 (GMT+4)
Pediatrics Review Part 1
Dr Naji Al Dhawi

18:00 (GMT+4)
Pediatrics Review Part 2
Dr Naji Al Dhawi

18:00 (GMT+4)
Pediatrics Review Part 3
Dr Naji Al Dhawi

18:00 (GMT+4)
Cardiology Review
Dr Abdullah Al Ismaili

18:00 (GMT+4)
Infectious Diseases Review
Dr Hoor Al Kaabi

18:00 (GMT+4)
Nephrology Review
Dr Zainab Al Maqrashi

19:00 (GMT+4)
Pulmonology Review
Dr Waleed Al Saadi

18:00 (GMT+4)
General Surgery Review Part 3
Dr Rahma Al Harthi

18:00 (GMT+4)
Endocrinology Review
Dr Zainab Al Maqrashi

19:00 (GMT+4)

Past Sessions

When you are paged for a Pediatric Emergency
Dr Adawiya Al Jamei
When you are paged for a Post Op Patient
Dr Hani Al Qadhi
When you are paged for Hyperglycemia
Dr Sadiq Juma Al Lawati
When you are paged for Abdominal Pain
Dr Maha Al Kalbani
When you are paged for an Admission
Dr Ikram Burney
When you are paged for a Hypotensive Patient
Dr Mohammed Al Shukairi
When you are paged for a patient with a Shortness of Breath
Dr Amal Al Mandhari
When you are paged for an Acute Neurological Symptom
Dr Haifa Al Abri
When you are paged for an Isolated Patient
Jabir Al Sooti
When you are paged for Electrolyte Abnormalities
Dr Masoud Kashoob
When you are paged for Chest Pain
Dr Fahad Al Kindi



The U Project is a medical education tutoring platform designed to be all about U! The building blocks of this project are senior doctors, residents, and interns who are enthusiastic about passing down knowledge in the best way possible. Sessions planned within The U project prep you through discussion and smart tricks to help you recognize fundamental facts, with the hope of making every learning experience memorable and easy to recall. Our philosophy is to be easily approached and attentive to the student’s needs. To all bright future doctors out there, this is for U.

Mission statement

To establish a platform that provides high quality yet simple, interactive teaching sessions that are precise, high yield, and exhilarating

Quote from the founder

“There have always been those informal sessions where someone, whether a senior doctor, resident, intern or even another colleague the same level as you are, helped you understand a topic very well and saved you time. This is exactly what we aim to do.”
-Umaima Al Wahaibi



What is The U Project?
The U Project is a medical education tutoring platform. This platform provides discussion-based teaching sessions which aim is to prepare medical students for high yield topics from different specialties in medicine.
Are the sessions delivered free?
How can we suggest sessions and tutors that we would like to have?
You can send all inquiries and suggestions through the Contact us bar or Topic suggestions section in the home page of The U Project website.
Are sessions exclusive to a certain medical college/University?
All medical students are welcome to attend the sessions
How can we learn about the upcoming sessions?
They are announced in the upcoming session section in The U Project Website every Saturday.
Do you have a social media account?
Yes! Follow us on @TheUProjectMD in instagram
Where can we find the reading material/slides of each session?
Slides and review material can be found in the Recourses section in our website. Note that not all materials are available for each session as some tutors do not authorize to share their slides and teaching materials.
Why do reading materials/slides take time to be available sometimes?
Slides and reading materials are uploaded by us once we receive the final copy from the tutor after the session. This may take some time as some tutors want to edit their slides before uploading.
Are video recordings of the session available?
We do not upload video recordings of the teaching sessions
Why aren’t video recordings of the sessions uploaded?
Sessions delivered by the U project are not pre-scripted and are not designed and structured to be recorded and uploaded as a teaching video. Instead, the aim is to have a live discussion either online or in a class room in order to deliver high yield information. We strongly advise students to attend sessions and be as present and interactive as possible during the sessions for the best outcomes.